When it’s pouring down in Taipei, it can feel like there isn’t any other option than to stay at home. Events get cancelled, friends call off hanging out, and you’re left with no contingency plans.

Rainy weather in Taipei is no doubt frustrating, but it shouldn’t deter you from heading out! Next time the weather takes a turn for the worst, check back on this handy guide of 12 things you can do when it’s raining in Taipei.

This is the first part of a two part series. Be sure to look out for part two, where we’ll share another dozen rainy day activities to keep you dry and smiling.

Go indoor rock climbing

Thinking of activities which are both healthy and fun when it’s raining can be challenging, but indoor rock climbing ticks both boxes. Most indoor rock climbing gyms have walls of varying difficulties, so if you’re a beginner, simply start at the easier walls and work your way up. To discover where you can go indoor rock climbing in Taipei, check out this rock climbing enthusiasts’ guide.

Watch a foreign film

If you want to enjoy a movie, but aren’t after the usual Hollywood fair, SPOT Taipei Film House is a fantastic alternative. At SPOT, arthouse films reign supreme, with each month featuring a good balance of both European and Asian films. Just be sure to check about which films are subbed in English before you purchase – otherwise you may find yourself trying to decipher a foreign language! Read an overview of SPOT here.

...Or an 'old' movie

Did you know that Taipei has numerous “second-run movie theaters”? If you aren’t familiar with the term, second run movie theaters feature relatively recently movies that are no longer screening at standard movie theaters. Ticket prices are usually substantially lower, and in many theaters, you’re able to watch as many movies as you want. Check out this list to find a cinema near you.

Chill out to some jazz

There’s something romantic about listening to jazz on a rainy night, wine in hand. Taipei may not strike you as a city where you can find a jazz venue readily, however, there are numerous jazz bars scattered throughout the city. In addition to searching “jazz bars Taipei” on Google, the Facebook group “Live Jazz Around Taipei” will point you in the right direction.

Go to a comedy night

Laugh off any sign rainy day blues by attending one of Taipei’s many comedy nights staged throughout the week. Facebook is your best bet for hunting down a midweek or weekend stand up gig. A good start is the Republic of Comedy’s event page, which lists many of the major comedy nights in town.

Peruse a Creative Park

If you’re after something that will get your creative juices flowing, take a wander around one of Taipei’s two Creative Parks. There’s Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in the Xinyi District, and Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Zhongzheng District. You’ll find it easy to keep entertained with the ample mix of exhibits, art galleries, and design shops, as well as all of the restaurants, cafes, and bars you’ll find within the parks’ boundaries.

Belt out some hits at karaoke

Karaoke, otherwise known as KTV, is an incredibly popular activity in Taipei rain or shine. Let your guard down by belting out some classic hits (English songs tend to be on the older side), or singing a Chinese tune. If you don’t want to be stuck waiting, make sure to book ahead. Find a KTV venue here.

Test your aim at a game of laser tag

Laser tag is one of those games that brings out everyone’s competitive side. Whether you organize a big group of friends to go with, or you battle against strangers, it’s easy to get caught up in the mission to defend your team… and win the title of best shooter. For more info, visit the Lazertreks website here.

Release your inner kid at a trampoline center

If you’re looking to let your inner kid run loose, it’s hard to go past jumping around rooms filled with trampolines at Flipout. Just a word of warning: though adults are welcome, kids rule here. So just come prepared to see them running around and squealing with excitement. You can read a review of Flipout here, and find out more info on Flipout’s Facebook page.

Check out Taipei’s 24-hour bookstore

In case didn’t already know, Taipei has a wondrous bookstore that never closes its doors. Yes, the Dunnan branch of the beloved Eslite Bookstore franchise is open 24/7, and is known for its very accomodating book reading policy (you can grab a book, sit down, and read it cover to cover). There’s also many floors of fashion and design items to check out in the building. Read more about the 24-hour Eslite here.

Get a caffeine fix

Taipei has no shortage of cafes fit for both working and relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee, comfy seating, a delicious brunch or cake selection, trendy decorations...or all of the above, there’s a ton of cafes that can accomodate your needs. If you don’t know where to find a good cup of joe, it’s hard to outdo this rundown of some of Taipei’s most popular cafes.

Stroll down Jianguo Holiday Flower Market & Jade Market

If your rainy day falls on the weekend, you can take a stroll down Jianguo Holiday Flower Market, located close to Daan Park MRT station. Whether you’re a green thumb or casual gardener, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye at the 200-plus flower and plant stalls there. When you’re done, you can swing by the Jade Market to see if any of the countless jade goods on sale catch your eye.

Let us know in the comments below your favorite things to do when it’s rainy in Taipei!

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