In order to make Taiwan a better place to do business, representatives from Taiwan’s government attended a natural gourmet banquet to promote the regulatory sandbox and encourage more innovation in the market.

Over 80 representatives, ranging from investors and entrepreneurial representatives to diplomats, joined together to taste Taiwanese cuisine prepared by social enterprises and cooked by Mr. Larry Chen, a three-star restaurant chef, before Chinese New Year.

Every dish was served by an entrepreneur, who made a presentation at the table instead of making a presentation with Powerpoint slides. The first dish is a gift box with a red envelope to be representative of innovation regulatory sandbox, new policy by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

“The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration is a good partner for investors, entrepreneurs and innovators. We will keep establishing and improving the regulations for the innovation environment in Taiwan” said Ms. Hu, vice president of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration.

Taiwan’s government encourages enterprises to think out of the box and break through the restrictions on innovation. At the same time, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration promoted their innovative regulatory sandbox through creative ways at the natural gourmet banquet.

All attendees were surprised by this creative idea for promoting government’s policies and enjoyed the banquet.