How to Catch Taiwan at the Winter Olympic Games

How to Catch Taiwan at the Winter Olympic Games
Credit: AP Photo / Michael Sohn

What you need to know

The country-that-cannot-be-named has never won a medal at a Winter Olympics.

Taiwanese athlete Lien Te-an (連德安) placed 39th out of 40 in the Men's single luge competition last weekend – but what can you expect from a competitor who reportedly trains on Taiwan's mountain highways?

Taiwan err, Chinese Taipei is still in the games, with three speed skaters competing in five events.

The remaining events featuring Taiwanese competitors can be watched online here, here or a recap here (the YouTube recap begins after the competition ends). For those who want to give Taiwan's athletes a cheer, check out the timetable below and tune in accordingly:

Huang Yu-ting (黃郁婷) will compete in three speed skating events:

On Feb. 12 at 20:30 Taiwan time, she will compete in the Women's 1,500 meter race.

On Feb. 14 at 18:00 Taiwan time, she will compete in the 1,000 meter event.

And on Feb. 18 at 19:56 Taiwan time, she will skate in the 500 meter sprint.

William Tai (戴瑋麟) will skate in the Men's 1,500 meter speed skating event on Feb. 13 at 19:00 Taiwan time.

Credit: REUTERS/Issei Kato
Roman Krech (L) of Kazakhstan and Sung Ching-Yang of Taiwan in action in the 1,000 meter Speed Skating event at the Asian Winter Games in Japan last year.

Sung Ching-yang (宋青陽) will compete in the men's 500 meter competition on Feb. 19 at 19:53 Taiwan time. He's an athlete to watch, having won gold in roller speed skating at the 2010 Asian Games.

A full schedule can be found here.

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