Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong is in the slammer again for his role in the 2014 Umbrella Revolution.

Declining freedoms in the former British territory were also picked out by American watchdog Freedom House in its "Freedom in the World 2018" report. Taiwan on the other hand continues to be a shining light in a troubled region. Japan and South Korea also fare well.

As for China, the less said the better, and perhaps the only option is turning to drink. When Xi Jinping took power in 2012, stocks in companies that produced expensive liquor plunged around the world. Just a few years later, consumption has hit such record highs that Kweichow Moutai is running out of booze.

Also in beverage news, Quartz examines how the word “tea” spread around the world in a primordial wave of globalization.

Closer to home, a pro-labor movement is being drawn into action by clever graffiti and graphic design, reports New Bloom.

And finally, Taiwan has denied permission for 176 Lunar New Year flights from China Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Air in response to China’s opening of new air routes close to Taiwan.

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