Almost 60 years since the first Mini was created on the other side of the world in the UK, love for the diminutive car is still running strong in Taiwan. Hundreds of passionate Mini owners drove their Austins, Coopers and other versions of the classic British auto to a MiniDay event in Taitung over the Oct. 28-29 weekend.

Originally designed at a time when large cars were going out of fashion due to a petrol shortage resulting from the 1950s Suez Crisis, the Mini has remained a cultural icon all over the world, not least as a result of its prominence in the hit movie "The Italian Job."

In Taiwan, fans point to its novel design, historical value and durability, as well as its suitability for customization — from flags on the roof to special steering wheels and other components. Graphic designer Huang Jingqi (黃靜琦), who has a 1990 Mini, says that while people buy other cars to fit in with a brand, the Mini allows its owners to live the life they want to.

Almost 200 Minis were on display at Taiwan’s 20th MiniDay, an annual event organized by a Mini fan association.