Six Lifestyle and Home Goods Stores in Taipei

Six Lifestyle and Home Goods Stores in Taipei
Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

What you need to know

Home decor and goods that provide a touch of Taiwan.

We are always particular about what goes into our homes. Some well-known home goods select shops, such as Design Butik and Nordic, specialize in importing or carrying foreign design brands so that consumers can enjoy masterfully designed pieces without leaving the country. Taiwan has also nurtured more than a few substantial home goods brands that have gone on to conquer the international market.

In recent years, many local brands with a focus on social and environmental issues have carved out a spot in international hearts. For example, YUAN is a hugely successful all-natural herbal soap brand, and Cha Tzu Tang, which has rejuvenated tea seed oil, has become a top-choice brand for body and household soaps.

TZULAI, a home goods brand that draws inspiration from Taiwanese imagery and incorporates traditional household goods material, and Hakka-blue, famed for their adorable soup-dumpling-shaped container sets — are all examples of brands that have explored Taiwanese culture on a profound level and manifested that in their products.

Haoshi Design is known for making animal-shaped goods from a resin compound; their clocks and accessories are extremely popular. Eye Candle is a fun and quirky brand famed for their unique animal-shaped candles. Don't miss out on these brands if you are in Taipei — you just might find some goods worth lugging home.

"Good Eye Taipei," a bilingual Taipei city guide, recommends six lifestyle and home goods stores to check out in Taipei.

TZULAï (厝內)

1F, No. 33, Chaochou st, Taipei City

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"An authentically Taiwanese home goods store."

Eye Candle (Eye Candle 造型蠟燭工作室)

1F, No. 88, Yanchang Rd, Taipei City

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"Eccentrically and adorably shaped candles."

YUAN (阿原肥皂)

No. 8, Yongkang Street, Taipei City

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"Handmade herbal soaps sold around the world."

Cha Tzu Tang (茶籽堂)

1F, No. 88, Yanchang Rd, Taipei City

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"A renaissance of tea seed oil products and soaps."

Haoshi Design (良事)

Online stores:

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"Animal-shaped lifestyle objects made with pure white resin."

Hakka-blue (台客藍)

No.67, Sec.1, Duhua St, Taipei City

Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

"A Taiwanese brand that locally produces contemporary ceramics."

“Good Eye Taipei” can be purchased at all major bookstores in Taiwan. Check out TNL’s interview with the author here.