Taipei is home to uniquely regenerated old spaces — inviting the new while preserving the old. A few hotels around the city are also doing the same, bringing its visitors back to historical eras with vintage-themed interior designs.

“Good Eye Taipei,” a new bilingual Taipei city guide, introduces hotels and hostels in the city for nights away from home.

Play Design Hotel (玩味旅舍)

5F, No. 156-2, Taiyuan Rd, Taipei City


"A place to immerse in Taiwanese designs and space to design your own room."

Solo Singer Hotel

No. 7, Lane 21, Wenquan Rd, Taipei City


"A time capsule — where Beitou's old way of life quietly remains."

Attic: Treasure Hill Traveler's Hostel (閣樓寶藏巖青年會所)

No. 38-2, Lane 230, Section 3, Tingzhou Rd, Taipei City


"A parallel universe on a hill — where the rest of the world is simply forgotten."

Woolloomooloo snooZe

No. 379, Section 4, Xinyi Rd, Taipei City


"A dream home looking out to Taipei 101."

Tree Street (富錦街這裡)

2F, No. 405, Fujin Street, Taipei City


"Stay a night in Taipei’s most charming and relaxed neighborhood."

OrigInn Space (大稻埕)

No. 247, Nanjing W Rd, Taipei City


"Returning to the glorious days of Dadaocheng."

Meander Hostel Taipei (漫步旅店)

No. 163, Chengdu Rd, Taipei City


"A perfect hub to mingle with travelers from all over the world!"

“Good Eye Taipei” can be purchased at all major bookstores in Taiwan. Check out TNL’s interview with the author here.

Editor: Olivia Yang