Serious music lovers in Taipei have probably all been to Taipei Main Station to flip through records in Tachung Records and Rose Records, or even stood in line at a record signing event. Other must-visit music havens in Taipei include the First Record Shop, Chia Chia Record Shop, and Eslite Music.

But apart from these well-known places, Taipei also offers many unique indie music record shops. For example, the White Rabbit Records is a renowned and reputable shop with handwritten record introductions and a tasteful selection; A Good Day Records has an excellent selection of old and new Taiwanese music; Waiting Room and 2manyminds Records are known for their Japanese selection; and for music and coffee lovers, BEANS AND BEATS and Vinvl Decisions will grant both your wishes.

"Good Eye Taipei," a bilingual Taipei city guide, recommends six unique independent record shops in Taipei.

A Good Day Records (風和日麗唱片行)

1F, No. 18, Section 3, Heping E Road, Taipei City


"A most comfortable and refreshing music label and record shop."

White Rabbit Records (小白兔唱片)

No. 1-1, Lane 21, Pucheng St, Taipei City


"A popular indie music record shop."

Waiting Room

No. 1, Alley 10, Lane 40, Chang'an W Rd, Taipei City


"A must for punk, hip-hop, and Japanese rock music lovers."

2manyminds Records

No. 8, Lane 206, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei City


"A Japanese music and merchandise specialty shop."


1F, No. 346, Fujin Street, Taipei City


"A record shop full of American street style music."

Vinyl Decision (黑膠咖啡)

No. 6, Lane 38, Chongde St, Taipei City


"A good representation of the classic American vinyl bar."

Good Eye Taipei” can be purchased at all major bookstores in Taiwan. Check out TNL’s interview with the author here.

Editor: Olivia Yang