In the Internet era, book publishers are feeling pressure in sales due to cheap online books and e-books. But the charm of book fairs remain in the few corners of Taipei — perhaps it is the opportunity to interact directly with authors or the atmosphere itself — and continues to attract book readers to leave behind their computers and enter the world of paper and ink. "Good Eye Taipei," a new bilingual Taipei city guide, recommends four book fairs worth visiting.

Taipei International Book Exhibition (台北國際書展)


Cheap books, seminars and workshops are all major attractions at the Taipei International Book Exhibition. Held annually in February, it is a great place to discover independent publishers and classic reads.

Taipei Art Book Fair (草率祭)


First held in 2016, this annual event was Taiwan's first large-scale art publication book fair. It invites Taiwanese art publishers and international publishers from New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The event showcases thousands of art publications from around the world and also includes art exhibitions and music performances.

Not Big Issue (小誌)


It addition to the book fairs' collection of rare independent publications, this summer book fair is also a popular gathering place for hipsters in Taipei.

Guling Street Books & Creative Bazaar (牯嶺街書香創意市集)


Guling Street, has been named one of the best second-hand book streets in Taipei. Held in November each year, the street is often crowded with students and artists sifting through second-hand books, independently published magazines and listening to music performances.

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Editor: Olivia Yang