CARTOON: Beijing Driving Out 'Lower-End Population'

CARTOON: Beijing Driving Out 'Lower-End Population'
Photo Credit: Stellina Chen

What you need to know

People say the definition of the term is unclear and discriminating.

In Beijing's attempt to reduce the capital's population of 21.7 million, the government has been driving out "lower-end" immigrants from the city.

A village in Beijing's Daxing district on Aug. 1 started collecting fees from immigrants to "force" them to leave, reports New Tang Dynasty Television. Haidian district also demolished a large immigrant settlement, leaving over 8,000 immigrants homeless.

Migrants make up almost half of Beijing's population, and the country's point-based household registration system tends to approve more educated migrants. For example, those who have graduated from university are awarded points. To apply for a household registration, migrants also need to provide proof of stable accommodation, a steady job, a five-year continuous payment into the social security system and having lived in the city for a certain period of time.

The term, "lower-end," has also sparked wide discussion online. People say the definition of the term is "unclear" and "discriminating" while many disapprove of the government's move.

Beijing aims to cap the city's population at 23 million by 2020.

Editor: Edward White