The Liberty Times reports, the suspect Chang Jun-hao (張峻豪) at 8:38 p.m. yesterday entered an office on the eighth floor of a commercial office building in Zhongli District. He proceeded to shoot nine rounds with a Colt 9mm semi-automatic handgun at two men and one woman before leaving the building. The incident lasted for around 22 minutes and the three victims were found dead at the scene.

The two deceased males managed an internet marketing company and one was co-owner of the business. The woman was the girlfriend of one of the men. Another co-owner, surnamed Yang (楊), was also at the scene but unharmed in the incident. Yang managed to escape when Chang’s gun jammed and reported the shooting.

A police officer found Chang near the scene and commanded him to stop. Chang fired at the officer and missed. As more police rushed to the scene, Chang hid in a nearby firewall and then shot himself in the left temple in an attempted suicide.

The suspect was in critical condition and under care at a hospital in Taoyuan before he was pronounced dead at 11:38 this morning. Police say Chang had previous criminal records of extortion and causing physical harm.

Gun ownership is mostly illegal in Taiwan. In 2016, 2,049 illegal firearms and 21,581 munition rounds were confiscated, according to the Ministry of Interior statistics. The National Police Agency has claimed the rate of gun-related criminal incidents has steadily declined over the past decade, from 444 cases in 2007 to 169 cases in 2016. Out of the 169 cases last year, 73 (43 percent) involved murder.

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Police found the bodies of three men and one woman at an address in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City on Thursday night, officers said.

Taoyuan Fire Department officials said they received reports about gunshots at 9:08 p.m. and when police and rescuers rushed to the scene they found two men and one woman dead from gunshot wounds on the eighth floor. A third man, believed to be the gunman, was found outside the building in a pool of blood from what appeared to be a head wound and holding a gun.

Initial investigation identified the three dead as two men, aged 30 and 20, and a 20-year-old woman.

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