Cafes of various styles and price ranges can be found in Taipei; even convenience stores offer a quick coffee boost. Due to the city's fast-growing coffee scene, Taipei was named one of the world's top coffee cities by BBC in 2014.

In an island-nation famous for its national treasure, tea, coffee is surprisingly taking over. Statistics from the 2015 HOFEX show coffee consumption in Taiwan jumped 400 percent in just four years, reaching an annual average of 100 cups per person. With a population of 23.51 million people, this means an estimated 2.3 billion cups of coffee consumed each year.

With so many coffee shops to choose from, Good Eye Taipei, a new bilingual Taipei city guide, recommends five cafes to check out.

Jack & Nana Coffee Store

1F, No.36, Lane 33, Linyi Street, Taipei (台北市臨浥街33巷36號1樓)


Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

A quaint and refreshing cafe that sells house-roasted coffee.

San Coffee (森高砂咖啡)

1F, No.1. Section 2, Yanping N Road, Taipei (台北市延平北路二段1號1樓)


Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

A Taiwanese coffee beans specialty store.

Yaboo Cafe (鴉埠咖啡)

1F, No.26, Lane 41, Yongkang St, Taipei (台北市永康街41巷26號1樓)


Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

A cafe that will make you feel at home. Their delicious milk tea is also worth a try.


2F, No.14, Lane 492, Section 5, Zhonxiao E Rd, Taipei (台北市忠孝東路五段492巷14號2樓)


Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

A vintage second-floor cafe that serves slow-brew coffee.

James House

No.5, Section 1, Anhe Road, Taipei City (台北市安和路一段127號5號)


Photo Credit: Good Eye Taipei

A cafe for old-school people.

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Editor: Olivia Yang