ASIA NEWS BITES: Facebook Faces Thailand Shutdown; China Detains Activists During B&R Summit; Cambodia Election Media Crackdown; Vietnam Bride Trafficking

ASIA NEWS BITES: Facebook Faces Thailand Shutdown; China Detains Activists During B&R Summit; Cambodia Election Media Crackdown; Vietnam Bride Trafficking
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What you need to know

A quick roundup of the most important news from around the region.


The Thai Internet Service Provider Association says it is under government pressure to immediately shut down all access to Facebook as early as Tuesday morning, over the social medium's refusal to take down every post dictated. - The Bangkok Post

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha tells nurses to stop protesting over poor pay and working conditions. - The Nation


From Sydney to San Francisco, thousands of Indonesians living abroad gathered at candlelight vigils over the weekend in a show of support for unity and justice in the Southeast Asian nation and to demand the repeal of national blasphemy laws. - The Jakarta Globe


Chinese President Xi Jinping urged world leaders to reject protectionism on Monday at a summit positioning Beijing as a champion of globalization, as some countries raised concerns over his trade ambitions. - AFP via Hong Kong Free Press

China has ordered businesses to close and carried out mass detentions of petitioners and rights activists in a nationwide security operation during its "New Silk Road" forum in Beijing. - AFP via Radio Free Asia

China’s economic activity weakened more than expected last month on flagging factory demand, part of an anticipated gradual slowdown in the world’s second-largest economy for the rest of 2017. - The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong:

A group of refugees who sheltered fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden in Hong Kong are facing deportation after the city’s authorities rejected their bid for protection, their lawyer said Monday. - AFP via Hong King Free Press


India escapes major damage from ransomware. On Monday, the first weekday after the WannaCry ransomware attack began, several thousand more computers turned out to be affected, particularly in Asia. However, a second wave of the attack that many feared would be carried out with mutated versions of the malware did not happen. - The Hindu

We want India in peace process, says Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas. In an interview to The Hindu, Abbas says Israel is working against the two-state solution, and strong international backing is required to implement it. - The Hindu

A 10-year-old girl who was repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and who is now at least 20 weeks pregnant, may be forced to give birth because of India’s restrictive abortion law. - The New York Times


The Ministry of Information has threatened to shut down media outlets if they fail to abide by the National Election Committee’s media guidelines and code of conduct leading up to and during the commune elections on June 4.- The Phnom Penh Post

Interior Minister Sar Kheng and Cambodia’s top cop Neth Saveoun yesterday praised the Kingdom’s police officers for their swift suppression of attempted “colour revolutions” in statements released to mark the 72nd anniversary since the creation of the National Police. - The Phnom Penh Post


Three women en route to China’s notorious bride-trafficking trade were intercepted at the Vietnam-China border, the Foreign Affairs Ministry said yesterday. - The Phnom Penh Post


The tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, now threatens the developing brains of children in Cambodia — but not for reasons that were ever expected. - The New York Times

A poster designed six years ago in an apparent bid to promote patriotism has recently gone viral on social media thanks to its catchphrase, which has revived public debate on race, and the revelation that its smiling model is actually Chinese. - The Japan Times

North Korea:

Intelligence officials and private security experts say that new digital clues point to North Korean-linked hackers as likely suspects in the sweeping ransomware attacks that have crippled computer systems around the world. - The New York Times

The UN Security Council on Monday strongly condemned North Korea's latest ballistic missile test and vowed to take further measures including sanctions in response to Pyongyang's "highly destabilizing behavior." - Channel News Asia


Myanmar police on Monday detained two more suspects for their involvement in a confrontation between Buddhists and Muslims last week in a Yangon neighborhood where monks had claimed that ethnic Rohingya Muslims were hiding “illegally.” - Radio Free Asia