OPINION: Trump Properties Likely Terrorist Targets

OPINION: Trump Properties Likely Terrorist Targets
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What you need to know

By not divesting of his business empire President Trump presents terrorists with new soft targets.

This article is not intended to be a roadmap for terrorists, but by refusing to divest his business holdings President Trump has handed incendiaries an uppercase-labelled new map of his own.

With Trump Towers and Trump properties around the world, the map of “Trump Targets for Terrorists” will likely become well read among insurgents from the four corners of the world wishing to “send a message” to the U.S. President.

Brandishing a stack of prop documents to make the claim that President Trump has divested himself from his Trump business empire only to reveal that, as reported by Reuters: “he would maintain ownership of his global business empire and hand off control to his two oldest sons.” While The Huffington Post expanded describing how the president: “simply entangles Trump’s business with the U.S. government.”

Trump properties in regions likely to be considered targets include; Trump Towers Istanbul, Turkey, Trump Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan, soon-to-be Trump International Golf Club Dubai, Trump Tower Mumbai and Trump Towers, Maharashtra in India and Trump Tower at Century City Manila, Philippines.

With Sen. Lindsey Graham’s moves in Congress to authorize use of force to neutralize North Korea's ICBM program as reported in the National Interest even The Trump World I towers in Seoul, Korea property may be targeted by agents of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un who is already lined up in Trumps sites.

Although properties in Scotland and the Americas may be less vulnerable to the grim Taliban and Daesh’s reapers the US history of domestic terrorism should concern occupants of the many Trump logoed properties dotted along the U.S. east coast and Las Vegas.

The new President apparently believes that allowing his sons to manage his business empire is acceptable but to whom, besides would be terrorists in search of high profile soft targets, is perplexing.

A clear transition from private to public responsibility has been sufficiently addressed by all modern presidents. Blurring the public-private line is not a wise strategy for the President of the United States and never has a president had more at stake and a bigger target painted on him, and his properties and occupants, than does Mr. Trump.

Trump’s attorney Sheri Dillon claimed that Rockefeller had similar holdings when he was vice president from 1974-77, but that was then and this is now and as reported by NPR: “Rockefeller disclosed his various assets and trust funds and placed all his assets in a blind trust — the kind of steps Trump has not been willing to take.”

On divestiture of his assets, Wall Street Journal reporter Monica Langley relayed to CNN’s Anderson Cooper Trump team claims that: "'Well if they sold it, it'll be a fire sale.'" A fire sale is a likely outcome if done hastily, but how can that be weighed against what should be deathly concern for firebombs under Trump marquees.

Terrorists around the world attack obvious symbols of their “enemy” such as holiday celebrations and Jewish markets in France, Christmas celebrations in Germany etc.

In this new world where terrorism is the new way of war it goes looking for you, it comes to your door. Any current or future U.S. policy that triggers Jihadist’s, terrorists and radicals domestic or otherwise to lash out will surely spark consideration of banging on Trump’s eponymous property doors.

To make matters worse, Trump has demonstrated a unique ability to foster alienation and anger as evidenced during the election campaign where he offended and provoked females, religions, races and nations.

The US media have picked up on this threat with POLITICO suggesting Trump's overseas properties spark security fears: “The Secret Service and entire United States intelligence community now is now going to be scraping the world for threats because any potential threat against a Trump-branded property is also a threat against the president,” said Burton, a former deputy chief of counterterrorism at the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service.”

More recently an Associated Press piece in The New York Times warned Trump Properties Face Global Terror Risk With Presidency where Secret Service spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan commented; “that Secret Service protection extends anywhere the president and his immediate family travels.”

It is well and good that the President and his family have the best protection money can buy but who will reimburse the tenants, employees, visitors and customers of TRUMP branded properties should the worst-case scenario prevail?

Trump is at the same time unnecessarily further burdening the US intelligence community he will need to lean on for vital guidance. This is the same intelligence community that he in one of his first acts as President insulted with a “despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA's Memorial Wall of Agency heroes” as reported in The Hill.

The new President sees the world from his egocentric point of view though, as evidenced in his press conference: “I understand they don't want presidents getting tangled up in minutia; they want a president to run the country. So I could actually run my business, I could actually run my business and run government at the same time.”

Trump paradoxically believes he is that “terrific, really amazing and huge”, to borrow a few of his favorite adjectives, while displaying delusions of grandeur is apparently unable to fathom the reality surrounding him.

The deduction to distance the Trump family from the Trump business is seemingly an obvious one to make and advice Trump must have received but has – choose your favorite adjective - rejected.

We can only hope that, sooner rather than later, Trump learns that a public servant’s duty and private enterprise, like oil and water, don’t mix. Public service like water nourishes society. Adding oil only serves to smother access and pollute the source of the altruistic good that is the raison d'être of public service.

An epiphany is unlikely though and President Trump has set out to have his golden Trump cake and eat it too, which will likely come at the grave expense of innocents.

Finally and sincerely speaking, if you are employed in a Trump property please know that you may soon be doing so at your own risk.

Stay safe everyone.

Editor: Edward White