2017 The Next Big Thing 大團誕生 / Jan. 7 – 8 / Legacy Taipei

“The Next Big Thing” is an annual event for new independent music bands to perform in front of a live crowd. The event aims to promote the band culture and hopes to let the audience enjoy the exciting atmosphere of live performances.

This weekend marks the eighth year of “The Next Big Thing” and its line-up includes new indie bands from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Haggard in Taipei / Jan. 7 / The Wall Live House Taipei

Haggard is an internationally known German music ensemble known for their style of mixing classical, medieval and death metal. There are 16 members in the band, and this will be Haggard’s first concert in Taiwan.

José Carreras Farewell Concert Tour in Taichung / Jan. 7 / National Taiwan University of Sport, Taichung

José Carreras, the Spanish tenor and one of the “Three Tenors,” along with Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti, will be performing in Taichung City.

Carreras will be performing with conductor David Giménez, the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and Taiwanese Soprano Huang Li-chin (黃莉錦), performing his classic songs including "Passion," "The Impossible Dream" and "Era de Maggio (It was May).”

The 70-year-old renowned musician is planning to retire after his farewell concert tour which ends in late 2017.


TaipeiEYE Program: The Great Monkey Fights the Spider Goblin / Jan. 6 – 7 / TaipeiEYE

TaipeiEYE is dedicated to preserving traditional Chinese and Taiwanese performing arts. The performances TaipeiEYE hold satisfy all sensory and include folk stories, folk arts, folk music, aboriginal dances and traditional opera.

“The Great Monkey Fights the Spider Goblin (孫悟空大戰蜘蛛精)” is based on the popular Chinese classical novel “Pilgrimage to the West (西遊記).” The story is about the Monk Tan and his three disciples fighting against a Spider Goblin they meet on their Bible-retrieving journey to the West.


Kumi Yamashita 25 Years of Creation / Dec. 30 – Mar. 5 / National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Kumi Yamashita is a New York City-based Japanese artist that casts lights on everyday objects to create shadow art. Kumi Yamashita is celebrating her 25th year as a shadow artist with an exhibition in Taiwan.

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teamLab: Dance! Art Exhibition, Learn & Play! Future Park / Dec. 29 – Apr. 9 / Huashan 1914 Creative Park

“teamLab” is an internationally well-known digital art group that combines technology with original artwork. The art exhibition provides an experience for adults and children to interact with digital art pieces.

This is the first time teamLab group has held an exhibition combining art and amusement park elements in Taiwan. With an exclusive technology "Interactive 4D Vision," the art group brings its popular artworks, including “Crystal Universe,” “Sketch Aquarium,” and “Sketch Town.”

Editor: Olivia Yang