Here’s a list of the key changes to traffic and public transport routes on New Year’s Eve so you can spend less time wading through the crowds and more time wading through champagne.

Xinyi -101 area


Public Transportation


  • 42-hour non-stop MRT operations, starting from 6 AM on December 31 and closing at 11:59 PM on January 1 (with the exceptions of Xiaobitan and Xinbeitou Line). Maokong Gondola will also operate until 2 AM in the morning

Buses and after-event shuttles:

  • Bus lines will run more buses and service hours will be extended around Xinyi.
  • There will be an after-event shuttle bus operating on New Year’s Eve, charging the same fare as normal buses.
  • Three shuttles will operate, leaving the main event area and heading towards: 1. Taipei Main Station 2. Liuzhangli Station, Gongguan Station 3. Taipei Zoo Station, Jingmei Station, Xindian Station.


  • YouBikes will be prohibited within the control area starting 17:00 on Dec. 31.
  • From 17:00 on Dec. 31 to 03:00 on Jan. 1, operations will be suspended at the following YouBike stations : Taipei City Hall, Citizen Square, Xingya Jr. High School, TWTC Exhibition Hall 2, Xinyi Square (Taipei 101), TWTC Exhibition Hall 3, Emergency Operations Center of Taipei City, Sanchangli, Zhongqiang Park, MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Station, MRT Xiangshan Station, Renai & Yixian Intersection, Songde Park and Xinyi & Keelung Intersection.
  • From 19:00 on Dec. 31 to 03:00 on Jan. 1, operations will be suspended at the following YouBike stations: MRT SYS Memorial Hall Station (Exit 2), MRT Xinyi-Anhe Station, Keelung & Guangfu Intersection, Songde, Taipei Medical University and Renai & Yanji Intersection.

Traffic controls


Leading up to NYE

  • Dec. 28 (Wed) 00:00 - Jan. 2 (Mon) 06:00: City Hall Road (between Songshou Road and Songgao Road.), New Ren’ai Road closed.


The Taipei City Government will be implementing three-stage traffic control on New Year’s Eve, expanding the controlled area outwards as the night progresses.

19:00 – 20:00 (Green zone)

  • Vehicles are exit only.
  • Traffic controls west of Songren Road, south of Zhongxiao East Road, north of Xinyi Road and east of the Yixian Road and Keelung Road areas.

20:00 – 22:00 (Orange zone)

  • Vehicles are prohibited within the orange area.
  • Traffic controls expand to Yixian Road and Ren’ai Road.
  • Traffic controls start on Keelung Road underpass.

22:00 – Jan. 1 (Sun) 03:00 (Blue zone)

  • Vehicles are prohibited within blue area.
  • Traffic controls east of Guangfu South Road, south of Zhongxiao East Road, north of Xinyi Road and Zhuangjing Road, west of Lane 236, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Songde Road and Songren Road.
  • Traffic controls in the slow lane of on the north side of Xinyi Road (between Keelung Road and Guangfu South Road).
  • Vehicles can leave the city by taking the Xinyi Expressway; entry vehicles will only be allowed to turn right on Songde Road or left on City Hall Road and go around the control area.


Public and private parking lots within the traffic control area will be exit only starting from 19:00 on Dec. 31. There will be traffic controls for both entry and exit starting from 20:00 and 22:00. There will be changes to parking in several areas from 17:00 on Dec. 31 to 03:00 on Jan 1 in the following areas:

  • No street or temporary parking east of Guangfu South Road (between Keelung Road and Wenchang Street) except for buses.
  • No temporary parking on the slow lane on the north and south sides of Ren’ai Road (between Yanji Street and Dunhua South Road) except buses.
  • No temporary parking west of Keelung Road Section 2 (between Wenchang Street and Guangfu South Road) except buses.
  • No street or temporary parking for cars, scooters or unloading west of Songde Road (between Xinyi Road and Hulin Street) except buses.
  • No street parking on Yanji Street (between Civic Boulevard and Xinyi Road); Songxin Road (between Songlong Road and Zhongxiao East Road); Lane 236, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road (between Zhongxiao East Road and Lane 168, Songde Road); and Lane 168, Songde Road (between Songde Road and Lane 236, Section. 5, Zhongxiao East Road).
  • There will be no street parking for cars or scooters within the control area of Guangfu South Road, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi Road, Songren Road and Songzhi Road.

Editor: Edward White