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Trending in Taiwan Today
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Website calling for deposition of DPP politician linked to gangsters

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An anti-LGBT website that calls for the deposition of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) politician and Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) has been linked to a pro-KMT group. An investigation by Queer Watch found that the site was registered under Ying-Ling Chao (趙瑩玲), the spokesperson for the anti-LGBT group Alliance of Crying for Hope, which had links to the Lotus International Chinese Freemasons, a secret group dating back to the Qing Dynasty that aspired to overthrow the monarchy. The group continued on into the present day and is now an underground mafia group.

Avian flu cases confirmed in Taipei slaughterhouses

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Two chickens at a Taipei slaughterhouse have been confirmed as having been infected with the new H5 subtype of the avian influenza virus, CNA reports. The cases were confirmed yesterday after veterinarians reported the cases, and the authorities have ordered the disinfection of the poultry slaughterhouse. Seventy slaughtered chickens have been frozen and will be disposed of today.

The avian influenza virus spread into Taiwan in 2004, but Taiwanese government officials covered up the situation, which led to the virus mutating into a new strain and a large-scale outbreak in 2010. Freelance journalist Kevin H.J. Lee exposed the cover up in his 2011 film documentary “A Secret That Can’t Be Exposed.”

Pro and anti same-sex marriage rallies to be held on Dec. 26

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Supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage will rally outside the Legislative Yuan on Dec. 26 as a committee reviews bills allowing same-sex marriage, CNA reports. Supporters of same-sex marriage hope that the Civil Code will be amended to legalize same-sex marriage, while opponents are calling for a referendum instead.

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Singapore denies entry to former defense official

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Veterans Affairs Council Director Lee Shying-jow (李翔宙) has been denied entry into Singapore, Up Media reports. The Dec. 21 report cites an unnamed source who told Up Media that Lee would be stopping at Singapore en-route to Thailand on an invitation by the Thailand Royal Project Foundation to attend an event organized by the foundation. Lee had earlier received permission from his own contacts within the Singaporean military and national defense for his visit, but an official statement from the Singaporean government denied entry to Lee.

Hong Kong customs seized a shipment of armored vehicles from Taiwan belonging to Singapore last month, and reports of Lee’s denied entry to Singapore and the Hong Kong incident have raised concerns that Beijing is pressuring Singapore over its ties with Taiwan, Taipei Times reports.

Taiwan ranked third on ‘index of ignorance’

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Taiwan has been ranked third on an “Index of Ignorance” by British market research group Ipsos MORI, CNA reports. India comes in first on the index and is followed by China. Fourth on the list is South Africa, and the U.S., Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, and Indonesia round off the top 10.

Ipsos MORI conducted a “perils of perception” survey from Sept. 22 to Nov. 6, and polled respondents in 40 countries on key global issues and population facts in each country, such as the total Muslim population in each country, the total populations of each country, the happiness level of each country, and each country’s views on homosexuality, premarital sex and abortion rates. The survey company tabulated the accuracy of the respondents to compile its index of ignorance. The survey also found that most countries underestimated the happiness level of their fellow countrymen, and overestimated the Muslim populations in their respective countries.

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