What's on in Taiwan this Weekend (12/9-11)

What's on in Taiwan this Weekend (12/9-11)
Photo Credit: 《牯嶺街少年殺人事件》劇照

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What's on this weekend in Taiwan.


“Cherish Every Life, Support Marriage Equality” Concert / Dec. 10 / Ketagalan Boulevard (凱達格蘭大道)

On Human Rights Day, Dec. 10, a “Cherish Every Life, Support Marriage Equality” concert and mass protest will be held on Ketagalan Boulevard to support the passage of a same-sex marriage bill.

The line-up includes Sandee Chen (陳珊妮), Dadado Huang (黃玠), HUSH, Liao Wen-chiang (廖文強). Hong Kong singer Denise Ho Wan-See (何韻詩) will also be making an appearance.

Tiger Mountain Ramble Outdoor Music Festival (2016台北虎山音樂祭) / Dec. 10 / Miculture Foundation at Tiger Mountain (微遠虎山)

“Tiger Mountain Ramble” is a music festival held at Tiger Mountain in Taipei. There will also be food, drinks and a bonfire at the festival. It will bring together music and beats from across Asia, including nine bands, six DJs and solo artists.


Taiwan Photo Exhibition 2016 (2016台灣攝影藝術博覽會) / Dec. 8 – 12 / ShinKong Mitsukoshi, Taipei Xinyi Place A9

“The Taiwan Photo Exhibition” exhibits photography from 10 different countries including Taiwan, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S. This year, two notable international photographers, Toshio Shibata from Japan and Michael Wolf from Germany, have also been invited exclusively to showcase their well-known works.

2016 The Original Festival (原創基地節) / Dec. 2 – 11 / Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

“The Original Festival” invites artists to share their inspirations with this year’s theme being “Facing the Inner Self.” The festival will be a combination of exhibitions, activities, markets, concerts and lectures to show the visitors the creation process of the artworks.

AVATAR: Discover Pandora (阿凡達探索潘朵拉世界特展) / Dec. 7 – Mar. 14 / ShinKong Mitsukoshi, Taipei Xinyi Place A11

“AVATAR: Discover Pandora” is an interactive exhibition inspired by James Cameron’s movie “AVATAR.” The exhibition uses technology in an approximately 14,000-square-foot space to offer visitors an entertaining and educational experience of a world filled with science and wonder.


A Brighter Summer Day (牯嶺街少年殺人事件) / Drama / PG-12 / Trailer

“A Brighter Summer Day” (1991) is a four-hour classic movie directed by Taiwanese director Edward Yang (楊德昌). The story is based on true events and depicts political and existential themes of the 1990s and is a representative film of the Taiwan New Cinema Movement. The 4K digital restoration version has been released to celebrate its 25th anniversary and is now playing at Taipei Wonderful Theatre, Nangang Century Asia, and Kaohsiung in89 Pier2.

Editor: Olivia Yang