The Halloween spirits have come and gone, but around the world, horrors linger on.


Credit: Disillusionist

Everyone is having their own nightmare:

  1. The British: A half-Brexit, followed by depression, kowtowing to China for cash, and becoming China’s colony.
  2. The Americans: Donald Trump wins the presidential election; indecent assault becomes legal.
  3. Trump: He loses the election and the platform for offensive speech on TV.
  4. The Koreans: Kim Jong-un tosses South Korea a nuclear bomb causing a chain-explosion of all Korean-made cellphones.
  5. Kim Jong-un: His aides gang up on him, blasting him with anti-aircraft guns.
  6. The Hong Kong people: The CY Leung Chun-ying (梁振英) Zombie mauls Lady Justice. She dies, Hong Kong falls.
  7. CY Leung: Re-election dream dashed and convicted on corruption charges, he finds his fortunes confiscated and gets thrown into Qincheng Prison in China.
  8. The Japanese: Knockoff Godzilla attacks, devouring all seafood.
  9. The Mainland Chinese Triumphalists: We are on top of the world! Money rules, and everywhere is a wonderland. It is "we" who are your nightmares.

Editor: Edward White