The unusual October typhoons brought heavy rain to Hong Kong and have caused the cancellation or delay of 689 flights at the Hong Kong International Airport.

But stormy weather is no stranger to the city’s people, who are used to surviving not only the seasonal typhoons, but also many crashing waves stirred up by the political, financial and social upheavals of recent years.


Credit: Disillusionist

When asked about their coping strategies, here is what the people of Hong Kong have to say:

  • Return of sovereignty to China in 1997: "No worries, just apply for a few foreign passports."
  • June 4 Tiananmen massacre: "No worries, get everyone onto the street to condemn the atrocity."
  • Financial crises and meltdowns: “No worries, keep calm, stick it out, and tone down on the flipping in the future."
  • SARS and bird flu outbreaks: "No worries, wear a face mask, wash your hands and keep up the hygiene routines."
  • Aug. 31, 2014 Beijing ruling against universal suffrage: "No worries, join the Occupy Central and Umbrella movements and fight for our promised rights."
  • Independence crisis, concocted in the aftermath of the Umbrella Movement by the Chief Executive CY Leung: "We can see through his schemes, not to worry."
  • LegCo election screening by the Electoral Affairs Commission with the unconstitutional "Confirmation Form": "Let’s mobilize more citizens to cast their vote, look, still holding!"
  • Mass media manipulation, restriction on freedom of speech: "Keep a clear head! There’s still the Internet that we can use."
  • Justice system collapse, re-election of CY Leung, "Xihuan" (China Liaison Office) becoming de facto government, Internet censorship, extension of the Great Firewall to Hong Kong: "Wait, where are those foreign passports that you’ve collected?"

Editor: Edward White