Taiwanese Startup Launches Social Network APP For Foodies

Taiwanese Startup Launches Social Network APP For Foodies
Photo Credit: Eatme

What you need to know

'Eatgether' matches users so you never have to eat alone again.

Taiwanese startup Eatme has launched a new app that allows strangers to eat meals together. The mobile app, launched on Android devices on Aug. 31, has been downloaded as many as 5,000 times since its release.

Eatgether” was released as a website in May, with up to 25,000 users registering in the first 90 days.

While the web version of Eatgether only notified users of a match via e-mail, Kimi Lai (賴柏成), chief operating officer for Eatme, told The News Lens International that the app allows users to actively browse through and connect with other users.

Users set a date, time, and place for the meetup, and interested people can register to join in.

The app is less risky than meeting strangers from online matchmaking platforms, as users who set up the meal meetups must approve the people who want to join in, Lai said.

“Some meetups already have up to 150 people who are interested in joining,” Lai said.

Users must verify their identity via their mobile numbers, Business Next reports. The company also implemented a peer-review system within the app.

Eatme could set up some kind of paid service in future, as well as possibly allowing people to place bids to have meals with others. However, Lai said they must first make sure these features will not be exploited for other purposes.

“We currently don’t have an in-app restaurant booking service available, but eventually we hope to work with other restaurant-booking or even meal-delivery platforms,” Lai said.

The company also wants to go global with the app.

Eatme was founded in 2009 by Mask Wu (吳崟睿), and started as an online platform that helped users search for restaurant promotions around Taiwan. They also have an Eatme app for restaurant recommendations and discounts.

First Editor: Olivia Yang
Second Editor: J. Michael Cole