BREAKING: Controversial Mao Concerts Cancelled

BREAKING: Controversial Mao Concerts Cancelled
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What you need to know

The performances glorifying a man who was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese were too much for many Chinese Australian.

Two concerts planned to be held early this month in Sydney and Melbourne to commemorate Mao Zedong (毛澤東) have been cancelled amid snowballing criticism.

Organized by Chinese in Australia with ostensible close ties to the Communist Party (CCP) — the International Cultural Exchange Association in Australia (ICEAAI, 澳洲國際文化交流協會) among them — the concerts were meant as a tribute to Mao, who died 40 years ago on Sept. 9.

Several critics in Australia and abroad maintained that the concerts were in bad taste and whitewashed Mao’s role in the repression and death of tens of millions of Chinese during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

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Protests had been organized outside the Sydney and Melbourne Town Halls next week, the Sydney Morning Herald reported today. Police in Australia cited safety concerns for the cancellation of the events.

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