Social media marketing has gained a great deal of attention over the years, and continues to grow exponentially. It is a form of online marketing that employs several social media platforms, with the aim of achieving communication and branding goals.

Why is social media marketing important to businesses?

Businesses can now benefit from executing a social media strategy, through Facebook as a form of their marketing formula. Facebook marketing surfaces a great deal of advantages that cannot be achieved so easily through offline or traditional marketing thus, the beginning of Facebook for business.

Social media marketing has become an essential aspect of marketing for every business regardless of the industry they belong to. Facebook in contrast to other social media networks is a full-blown platform, all-inclusive social networking site. As it supports sharing of information, updates, photos, videos, events and the rest of it. Engaging content is crucial to building relationships with your audience.

Facebook 360 & Social Media Marketing

Facebook 360 is perfect of creating hyper-engaging content! When users can better relate to your product or service, they are more likely to lead to make a purchase.

Through the new Facebook 360 feature any panoramic photograph taken with the right camera or smartphone, using the appropriate app can be transformed into a virtual reality. More on this can be found in the infographic provided below. As a result of this feature, businesses can now enjoy the benefits of sharing a virtual reality of their products and services.

This allows businesses to create captivating content, ensuring that their audience is fully engrossed in the message they are striving to send across. Hyper-engaging content is also pretty impactful, due to the intensity of the VR experience as opposed to traditional marketing. Impactful content brings out strong emotions in users. Consequently, this leads to a memorable experience, allowing businesses to maintain their customers and further build their brand’s loyalty.

Facebook 360 introduces an easy 3-step process to create your own virtual reality. All you’ll need is a fitting smartphone or camera and the appropriate app:

  • Stand right in the center of the environment or space you would like to market. Using your phone or camera and the app, take a panoramic 360 photograph
  • Once you’re photo is ready, upload it onto the page you would like your audience to view it on. Facebook will recognize it as a 360 panoramic photo and accordingly, mark it with a compass icon
  • That’s it! Now you can attract your audience and potential consumers by having them experience your product or service as a virtual reality on your Facebook page.

To better learn how Facebook 360 works, check out the inforgraphic below, provided by eReviews.

As we can see, social media marketing can lead to tackling your targeted audience and drive traffic towards your website, product or service through using the appropriate social media strategy. The best part about Facebook 360 is that everyone can do it. This allows users to also take 360 photos of their experience and post it on the company’s Facebook page. As a result of this feature along with Facebook for business, experiences are being shared, and relationships are being built. That’s how you build brand’s loyalty, attract attention towards your brand, keep your audience absorbed and interested!

Go ahead and give it a try!