As many as 24 people were injured in an explosion on board a train at the Songshan Train Station in Taipei at 9:59 pm on July 7.

The Taipei City Fire Department said it dispatched dispatched 12 fire engines, 11 ambulances and 66 rescue personnel to the scene. All injured passengers have been sent to hospital. One of the injured, a 24-year-old man, suffered second-degree burns on 30% of his body. Most other injuries were reportedly minor.

The Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) said a loud explosion was heard in car no. 6 as the train was leaving the station, sparking chaos. It immediately evacuated the passengers and contacted the fire department, gas companies, and law enforcement authorities.

The train, which originated in Hsinchu, was bound for Keelung in northern Taiwan.

Authorities are currently trying to determine whether the explosion was due to a malfunction or caused by an explosive device. The latest reports quote police saying a 40-year-old man ignited firecrackers on board the train. Later on Thursday evening, National Police Agency Director General Chen Kuo-en (陳國恩) said the 15-20 cm device "looked like a firecracker."

The incident occurs as a category 5 super typhoon is about to make landfall in Taiwan.

(Updated July 7, 11:51 pm: firecrackers.)
(Updated July 8, 1:06 am; injuries to 24; device.)