Chinese Researcher Claims Cancer Cure Is in Drinking Water

Chinese Researcher Claims Cancer Cure Is in Drinking Water
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The Western medical science field generally believes that cancer is caused by human genetic mutation. But Kenneth Hsu argues that if the nitrite in drinking water is reduced, cancer can be prevented, perhaps even cured.

Kenneth Hsu (許靖華), a researcher at Taiwan's Academia Sinica, claims he has found a way to cure and prevent cancer.

Hsu, 87, claims that according to his latest research, cancer genes are not formed by human genes but rather bacterial genes, and that cancer genes grow by absorbing nitrite. Thus, if the levels of nitrite in drinking water were reduced, cancer could be prevented or even cured, he claims.

Hsu says that while he published similar research 10 years ago, the Western medical community did not accept his views on the matter. Now, he says, he has more "complete" research results to back up his claims, the Chinese-language United Daily News reported today.

Speaking at Academia Sinica in Taipei, Hsu claimed that his research team has "successfully cured" several patients with cancer using "a new form" of therapy. He added that he will publish a research paper with the Chinese Academy of Science and distribute the paper internationally.

Hsu, whose views are indeed idiosyncratic, to say the least, says that "somatic mutation theory" hypothesizes that cancer is initiated by human genetic mutation, but the theory cannot explain certain symptoms of cancer. According to his research, cancer occurs when nitrite activates dormant cancer stem cells. Nitrite, he claims, helps anaerobic bacteria grow.

“Nitrite disturbs the regular operations of the human body. It’s just like a kind of drug,” he says.

The medical science field in the West generally believes that cancer is caused by human genetic mutation. But according to Hsu’s research, cancer genes do not resemble human genes in any way; he says the origin, growing process and nutrients of cancer genes are completely different from those of human genes. He believes cancer genes are bacterial genes.

Hsu’s research, he claims, shows that cancer can be prevented, or perhaps even cured, if people only drink non-nitrite water. Counterintuitively, he claims that drinking water is poisonous, and believes governments should ban water containing nitrite. After his large-scale study (the details are unknown at this point) "confirms" that cancer is a type of "chronic nitrite disease," his water purification plans will "rid the world of cancer," he claims.

Hsu is an academic at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Science.

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