Apple Scouts Taiwan for New Data Center: Reports

Apple Scouts Taiwan for New Data Center: Reports
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What you need to know

Changhua County in Taiwan has been attracting tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple for major investment.

Local media are reporting that U.S. tech giant Apple Inc may be looking at building a new data center in western Taiwan.

According to the Chinese-language United Daily News (UDN), Apple has been scouting Taiwan’s Changhua County as a potential location for a new data center.

A source reportedly told UDN that the center is aimed at meeting the increasing traffic on iTunes and Apple TV.

In response to the reports on the potential investment, the Changhua County Government told local news agency CNA that the alleged location of Apple’s investment is ready for businesses to build new facilities. The government did not confirm or deny the reports.

According to UDN, in addition to the data center, Apple also plans to build a renewable power supply for its data center. Even though the low water supply in Changhua might be a concern, Taiwan Water Corp has promises to meet demand. If Apple's requierments are met, it is possible the company will build its facilities in Tianjhong Township (田中) where the Changhua High Speed Rail station is located.

The Changhua County Government will announce more details in July if it reaches an agreement with Apple, UDN said.

In 2013, Google spent about US$600 million establishing a data center in Changhua, which was the corporation’s largest facility in Asia. This year, the company has confirmed that it plans to expand the team and facilities of the center with an additional US$1.2 billion investment and will purchase more renewable-generated electricity to supply the facility.

Last year, Facebook showed interest in building a data center with an approximately US$309 million investment in Changhua. The social media company later scratched the plan due to unmet requirements for a discounted land price and power and water supplies, according to reports.

UDN notes that Changhua holds several key advantages that make it a suitable location for international businesses to build data centers, including its mild climate, topography, convenient traffic, and stable power supply. Changhua is not as cold and humid as northern Taiwan, and is not as hot and dry as the south. It is located on a vast plain, which helps reduce the potential of natural disasters. It also has a convenient traffic network that offers fast access to Taichung Port, international airports, and a high speed rail line. Changhua already has several technology industry clusters and stable power supply provided by Taichung Power Plant, the biggest coal-fired power plant in the world.

First Editor: Olivia Yang
Second Editor: J. Michael Cole