Exhibition Wants You To Think Twice About What You Eat

Exhibition Wants You To Think Twice About What You Eat
Photo Credit: The Food Project

What you need to know

We all enjoy eating, but what are the social responsibilities that come with it?

The first exhibition in Taiwan to explore food production and sustainability issues through design opened on Friday at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei.

The Food Project” is a multidisciplinary display of different forms of food and the stereotypes of “perfect” foods. Taiwanese designer Alice Wang curated the four-part exhibition, which aims to educate viewers on the social responsibility of what we eat and what the future holds for food.

“I wanted to keep it entertaining while raising awareness [of issues surrounding food],” Wang told The News Lens International.

Photo Credit: Olivia Yang/The News Lens
Curator of “The Food Project,” Alice Wang, giving a tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition holds a wide range of pieces, from videos to 3-D printed models, by designers and artists from all over the globe. One standout is the “Trike Writer,” created by Canadian artist Nicholas Hanna.

A tricycle inspired by Chinese water calligraphy, the Trike Writer draws Chinese characters on the ground with droplets of water to draw public attention to water sustainability issues. The device is controlled by a computer running custom software that interprets characters and converts them into dot patterns. It is able to write in any language and can also draw simple images.

“I think it [the Trike Writer] is at its capacity with traditional Chinese characters though,” Hanna said.

Wang says the tricycle had some trouble while being shipped to Taiwan, as the government is not familiar with such art installations.

Hanna will be riding the Trike Writer around Songshan Cultural and Creative Park this weekend before it is shipped back to Los Angeles for his next project.

Photo Credit: Olivia Yang/The News Lens

Canadian artist Nicholas Hanna and the

Trike Writer.

Photo Credit: DDG
The Trike Writer in action.

“The Food Project” is part of the World Design Capital Taipei 2016’s Open Call program. It runs from June 24 to Aug. 13 at the Taiwan Design Museum at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

Edited by J. Michael Cole