Taiwan Railway System Makes It to U.S. Video Awards

Taiwan Railway System Makes It to U.S. Video Awards
Photo Credit: Jerry Lai @Flickr CC BY SA 2.0

What you need to know

Iron pathways are not the only feature of Taiwan to have been showcased on U.S. television in series that went on to win prestigious awards.

A video on the Taiwan railway system has been awarded a bronze medal in the 2016 Telly Awards in Los Angeles, California, standing out among nearly 13,000 contenders from around the world.

"Taiwan - Iron Pathways to Adventure" is a TV series produced by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and U.S.-based Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). It is hosted by Emmy award-winning director Joseph Rosendo, who has made four visits to Taiwan and produced six episodes here so far.

In his latest series on the island-nation, the host travels through Taiwan starting out from Taipei in the first episode, which is also the one that was awarded the Telly. Rosendo goes on to introduce the railway system and types of trains used in Taiwan, and also visits the popular Alishan Forest Railway.

In 2014, Rosendo was also awarded a Telly and an Emmy for a feature episode on the Taiwan Lantern Festival.

The Tourism Bureau also collaborated with PBS in 2013 for an episode, “Taiwan's Aboriginal People,” which won a bronze Telly the same year.

The bureau says it will continue working with PBS and has plans to film in Penghu this summer.