Liu Ching-wei (劉經瑋), a graduate student in Visual Communication Design at Asia University in Taiwan, has won nine international design awards for his packaging design "Got one!! Wild Mullet Catch."

The design, which is used for packaging mullet roe, has been recognized by nine awards including the A' Design Award in Italy, the Pentawards in Belgium, Graphics in Switzerland, Joseph Binder Award in Austria and a Red Dot Award in Germany.

Liu told The News Lens International that the design has a strong connection to Taiwanese culture. With wild mullets migrating near Taiwan each winter, having mullet roe has been a Taiwanese custom for hundreds of years. Liu, who says he eats the roe with his family during Lunar New Year, believes the food remains a symbol of family bonding.

Mullet roes, which translates into "black gold" from Chinese, inspired Liu to use the colors black and gold in his design. The bag used for carrying the product also resembles a fish net, so that it appears as if the golden mullet designed on the packaging has been caught in a net.

The cutting line on the package is designed on the golden mullet's belly. When consumers open the package, it feels like they are getting a piece of mullet roe from freshly caught fish. Measurement lines are also printed on the package for slicing the roe.

The entire packaging, not including the bag, is made out of recycled paper and is reusable.

Liu has entered in 15 design competitions so far. He says each award uses a different set of criteria to evaluate participants. Some strongly emphasize innovation and creativity in designs while others focus on the usefulness, practicability and aesthetics in design.

To stand out from the thousands of entries, Liu says, a good design should be impressive at first sight and convey a story.

In the future, Liu hopes to cooperate with different industries and create designs that can be recognized by more international design awards.


First Editor: Edward White
Second Editor: Olivia Yang