Taiwan AI Security Camera Start-up Funded with US$2.8 Million

Taiwan AI Security Camera Start-up Funded with US$2.8 Million
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Compiled and translated by Shin-wei Chang

On March 29, Umbo CV, a Taiwanese artificial intelligent security camera startup, received fundings of NT$92 million (approximately US$2.8 million) for its seed round. The leading investor is AppWorks, and other investors include Phison Electronics Corporation, Wistron Corporation, Mesh Ventures and Fortune Global 500.

This round of fund raising is aimed at enhancing the learning ability of its artificial intelligence (AI) and the integration of hardware, software and cloud platform. Moreover, its offices in San Francisco and Taipei are recruiting talent from all over the world.

Umbo CV’s “self-taught” security cameras

Nowadays, in addition to the collection and analysis of statistics, computer programs have developed the ability of “learning.” Umbo CV combines the “learning” AI into security control devices, making them able to analyze the images they collect. Built with an image recognition system, the security control devices are able to prevent accidents from happening and reduce the possibility of criminal activities.

Apart from that, Umbo CV is also devoted to the development of “Aqua SmartCloud,” an image recognition cloud platform that possesses self-taught and self-analysis abilities. It can learn to identify objects and incidents in the images, for example, humans, cars, guns and incidents, including invasions, rallies of a crowd and fires.

With the ability to identify different incidents, whenever emergencies take place, the system can report it to relevant competent authorities, saving more time for rescue. After numerous trainings, the system gradually learns to identify more complicated objects and incidents.

A promising future development

As the new Umbo CV product hit the market, pre-orders from North America, Australia and Dubai poured in, marking a total of NT$40 million (approximately US$1.2 million), proving the competitiveness of Umbo CV. Additionally, it has attracted talent from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Trend Micro Incorporated and Apache Tomcat.

Jamie Lin, establishing partner of AppWorks, says AppWorks once helped the founding of Umbo CV in AppWorks Accelerator. Lin says, “ Umbo’s extraordinary team handles its hardware, sensing software and server-side AI learning system, showing their great ability of vertical integration.”

Shawn Guan says the market for security control systems has been growing for over a decade. Guan also points out that the self-taught image recognition technology can be the firmest wall of defense in security control systems.

Edited by Olivia Yang

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