On Facebook a public account identifying as Mary Toh, mother of Singaporean blogger Amos Yee, stated that Amos Yee has been missing for at least three months.

The account openly questioned his safety, stating that Yee “disappeared after receiving the police letter handed to him personally at our doorstep” on December 12th last year. Ten days later it was reported that Yee neither showed up for a police investigation nor did he attend his required health check for the mandatory military service.

The post also goes into further detail of the danger behind Yee’s three-month disappearance, stating that, “he only has enough money to survive for another 3 months from the crowdfunding of his court case. That was in January, it has almost been 3 months since. The bank and PayPal accounts that Amos set up by himself from people, I never have access to.” Interesting enough, the Facebook post was edited to have the purported bank account’s information removed.

While Mary Toh had previously posted her support of Yee through outpouring of grief, the new tone in this public post seems to be a complete turn around, accusing him of being disrespectful and rude” and having “very strong views.”

True or False?

Netizens and other news reports alike took question over the authenticity of the message and whether it was really from Mary Toh. Belmont Lay of the States Times Review notes how the account was not created by Mary Toh due to its statement being first published with subsequent pictures being backdated while Toh herself already has a Facebook account to publish such public posts.

Lay says that since Yee has a history of tricking the public, it is no exception that this post could have been made by Yee himself in order to gain more funds. Whether or not he has been on the run is up to debate, although a netizen reportedly saw Amos Yee in Melbourne, Australia, indicating that he indeed is or at least was away from Singapore.

Edited by Olivia Yang

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Mary Toh Facebook page
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