Launch of Taoyuan International Airport MRT Line Postponed Again

Launch of Taoyuan International Airport MRT Line Postponed Again
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The Taoyuan International Airport MRT Line has failed to meet several criteria before its anticipated launch in March. Taoyuan Mayor says that passenger safety should still be the top priority and the launch of the MRT line is to be postponed.

Translated and compiled by Yuan-ling Liang

It has been confirmed the Taoyuan International Airport MRT Line will not be launched in March. In a recent test, neither the train speed nor the frequency of trains met the required standard, and the contractor has not yet provided any solution.

In January, the Ministry of Transportation and Communication considered lowering the acceptance criteria to expedite the process, which drew much public attention and investigation.

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According to the investigation, the duration of the train is still longer than required. The Bureau of High Speed Rail (BOHSR) says they asked the contractors, the Marubeni Corporation and the Siemens, to make improvements, however neither of them succeeded.

As for the operative section, six out of forty-six tests have still been uncompleted.

In interview with Apple Daily on February 20, Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan says that the project has been under construction for more than 10 years, having spent more than NT$120 billion dollars (approximately US$3.6 billion), and has already postponed the launch for six times. It has failed to meet people’s expectations and he hopes that BOHSR can boost their efficiency.

While people eagerly anticipate the MRT to be launched, Cheng says any compromise is unacceptable, for it may endanger the safety of passengers. “They should modify everything that requires modification, regardless of any political concerns,” Cheng says.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication is planning to hold a press conference next week to officially announce the postponement.

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