Final Report Blames Pilots for 2014 TransAsia Plane Crash

Final Report Blames Pilots for 2014 TransAsia Plane Crash
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TransAsia Flight GE222 crashed in 2014 leading to 49 dead. The final report conducted by the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) reveals the reasons behind the crash and makes suggestions to avoid similar tragedies from happening again.

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Compiled by Shin-wei Chang

TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 crashed in Magong Airport in Penghu on July 23, 2014, claiming 49 lives. The final investigation report conducted by the Aviation Safety Council (ASC) was released on January 29, and blamed the pilots for not following the standard operating procedure. However, it also says fatigue of the crew also led to the accident.

The National reports, the flight continued to descend even though it was below the minimum descend altitude, which violated flight safety regulations. Also because of poor visibility caused by Typhoon Matmo, the flight missed its final approach point and its altitude was too low for the aircraft to take off again. The heavy strike and fire cause by the crash were the main reasons for the fatalities.

However, in the final report, the ASC accused that the ATR fleet (plane model of Flight GE222) of TransAsia did not follow the standard operating procedure, which should have been discovered by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) when it was doing its regular inspections.

Reuters reports, in addition to making sure the TransAsia flight crew follows the standard operating procedure, the ASC also suggests the airline to employ more staff and experts specialized in safety management because of its lack of crew members.

In response to the final report, TransAsia expressed its respect and claims to reform flight safety from five aspects, such as improving management of their pilots, purchasing new facilities, asking for advice from flight safety experts and so on.

Edited by Olivia Yang

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