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Translated by Olivia Yang

On January 28, the Ministry of the Interior passed an amendment giving international and overseas Chinese students a year after graduating to stay and find a job in Taiwan. This is meant to help in their job search and enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness for these students were only given six months before the amendment. reports, the Ministry of the Interior says Taiwan has been facing challenges such as low birth rate and an aging population in recent years. The labor force participation rate has also been declining and the government has been promoting talent cultivating and recruiting policies in order to attract more foreign talents to boost Taiwan’s productivity and competitiveness.

UDN reports, foreigners and unregistered nationals can also extend their stay if looking for a job on the island.

For example, an international student who is about to graduate on June 30 this year has fallen in love with the island and wishes to stay in Taiwan with a job that requires high profession. The student can apply to extend his or her stay to June 30 next year, and if the student finds a job during this period, he or she can continue to reside in Taiwan on the grounds of being hired. But if the student is unsuccessful in finding a job and has no other legal reason to stay, the student will have to leave the country.

The Ministry of the Interior says the drafts of the amendments will complete the legal procedure and be implemented soon.

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