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To make it easier for the new immigrants to make use of government information, the Ministry of the Interior has integrated resources from various departments to build a website, providing new immigrants with information regarding guidance on life adaption, education, employment, work training, health, new regulations and so on.

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The website comes in seven languages, including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese and Cambodian; both new immigrants and Taiwanese people can easily grasp immigrant affairs.

China Times reports, Minister of the Interior Chen Wei-ren says that the government has always stood by the immigrants and will make their voices heard, protect their rights and provide assistance.

Mo Tian-hu, director of the National Immigration Agency (NIA), says that the government thinks highly of the immigrants, so this website was separated from the NIA website and only provides services for new immigrants. New immigrants can find solutions to any kind of problems on this website.

CNA reports, the website also launched its official LINE account (ID: ifitw) to allow the immigrants and the public learn about important government information.

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Edited by Olivia Yang