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A Bunun hunter was recently sentenced to three years and six months in jail for hunting in the mountains. On December 30, Minister of the Interior, Chen Wei-zen, said they are currently discussing to allow aboriginals to hunt limited non-endangered animals during tribal ceremonies. Chen stresses that he hopes the aboriginal hunting culture will be preserved through legal means and respect.

CNA reports, there are few remaining Formosan black bear and Formosan serow (a kind of goat) and they need to be conserved. As for hunting animals that breed more and faster, such as wild boars and Reeve’s muntjac (one of the three rare species of deer in Taiwan), can be discussed but they can’t be hunted at all times.

Liberty Times reports, in addition, regarding plans for after implementing the “National Land Use Planning Act," Chen says the act will be used in four areas, including urban and rural development, agricultural development, national land preservation and marine resources.

Since the act involves the land and surrounding waters of aboriginals, the Ministry of the Interior says it will draft and develop an aboriginal specific regional plan with the Council of Indigenous Peoples under the Executive Yuan. They will consider the traditions and uniqueness of indigenous land use when drafting related regulations.

Translated by Olivia Yang