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Singapore: Six crew members missing after a collision in the Singapore Strait

On December 16, a freighter collided with a chemical tanker in the Singapore Strait, causing the freighter to sink. Six out of the 12 members of the crew are missing.

The other six members of the crew were taken to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) after being rescued. The missing members include a Filipino and two Ukrainians. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) says that there was no Singaporean on both ships.

The incident occurred in the Singapore Strait, 11km northwest of Batam Island. The chemical tanker sustained minor damage, but the freighter carrying 560 metric tons of bunker fuel sank.

The MPA alerted Indonesian authorities because the accident occurred on Indonesian waters. The MPA deployed two patrol boats for rescue operations, and the Singapore Police Coast Guard also deployed five boats to support.

The MPA says, there is no report of oil spills, but the anti-pollution team is on standby. The vessel traffic in the Singapore Strait hasn’t been affected.

Photo Credit: AP/達志影像

Photo Credit: AP

Malaysia: Police monitor 56 deviant religious groups in Malaysia

56 deviant religious groups have emerged in Malaysia, so the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has cooperated with religious authorities to monitor them in case they become threats to local safety and public order.

Deputy Home Minister Masir Kujat said in Congress, authorities will take action if there is proof that these religious groups are involved in militant or terrorist activities. He says that the responsibility of the police is to make sure these groups will not be involved in activities that deteriorate public order.

Masir points out that these religious groups have started to misinterpret the meaning of jihad and have even attacked religious sites. They claim that they are the army of God, regarding the dissidents as the heretics.

Photo Credit: AP/達志影像

Photo Credit: AP

Indonesia: 49 Taiwanese deported for cybercrime in Indonesia

On December 16, immigration authorities deported 49 Taiwanese on suspicion of cybercrime and violations of Indonesia’s law.

Spokesperson of the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration, Heru Santoso, says that 49 Taiwanese, including 17 women and 32 men, are regarded as middlemen of the online fraud ring.

Jakarta police say that they will crack down on illegal activities by foreigners in Indonesia, including Taiwanese. They say there are an increasing number of Taiwanese and Chinese people on tourist visas doing criminal activities.

Photo Credit: Corbis Images/達志影像

Photo Credit: Corbis Images

Translated and compiled by Wen-yee Lee
Edited by Olivia Yang