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Text and pictures by EXP

“Taiwan" and “Thailand" often confuse foreigners because of their similar pronunciations. The designers from EXP have drawn ten pictures to present the differences between the two cultures.

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1. Symbolic animal:
The Formosan black bear is a symbolic animal for Taiwan, while elephants represent Thailand and its pretension.

2. Color of milk tea:
Taiwanese milk tea is beige and usually comes with boba (tapioca). Thai milk tea is orange-red.

3. Way of greeting:
Taiwanese say “hi” with a waving hand. Thai say, ”Sawadeeka,” put their palms together and bow.

4. Transportation:
Taiwanese ride scooters and Thai take Tuk-tuks (a kind of auto rickshaw).

5. Architecture of temples:
Most traditional temples in Taiwan have flat-topped roofs. Temples in Thailand have towering steeples.

6. Religion:
One of the major religions in Taiwan is Tao while most people in Thailand are Buddhists.

7. Shape of the country:
The shape of Taiwan is like a potato while Thailand looks like an elephant.

8. The national flag:
Both national flags are made up of the colors red, blue and white, but have different representations. The colors symbolize the sky (blue), sun (white) and soil (red) on the Taiwanese national flag, while they represent the monarchy (blue), religions (white) and the land and people (red) on the national flag of Thailand.

9. Market vendors:
There are bicycle vendors in Taiwan and floating markets in Thailand.

10. New Year celebrations:
Taiwanese light firecrackers while Thailand holds the Songkarn Festival.

Edited by Olivia Yang