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“Cool as a cucumber" means to be in a calming status even when you’re under a nerve-racking situation. The first use of this phrase may be from John Gay’s poems, New Song on New Similes, 1732: “I… cool as a cucumber could see The rest of womankind." The word “cool" does not necessary mean the temperature, rather, it indicates the extreme calm and steadiness of the situation.

The next time you’re under pressure, make sure you’re cool as a cucumber for this is the first step to handle a high-pressure situation.

An example: The argument made him angry but she was cool as a cucumber.

Another example: He stayed cool as a cucumber as the big barking dog ran toward him.

Watch the video below and find out more about the phrase!

“Cool as a cucumber"

A person is cool as a cucumber when they are calm and undisturbed, even if something happens which would normally make someone upset, nervous or angry.

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