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On November 24, IS released its latest promotion video, challenging countries against the organization. Taiwan was also named among the countries with the ROC flag appearing in the video.

CNA reports, the video is titled, “No Respite," and there is no narration, but builds a chilling atmosphere through a chant-like background music.

Apple Daily reports, the video echoes the coalition against terrorism previously brought up by US President Barack Obama. It points out that aside from Russia, Turkey and Iran, there are eighty other countries opposing IS, including Taiwan. Other than an English version of the video, it also comes in Russian, French and Turkish.

Liberty Times reports, Obama pointed out in ASEAN recently that Taiwan is among the countries against IS, but didn’t mention China. China believes Obama has an ulterior motive.

Taoyuan International Airport strengthening security

CNA reports, in order to strengthen anti-terrorism security, Taoyuan International Airport is reinforcing each guard service, including heavily armed SWAT members outdoors and indoors of the airport, intensifying patrolling and bringing in bomb dogs to do cabin security examinations.

President Ma asks the people not to panic

ETtoday reports, President Ma Ying-jeou says regarding the conflict in Syria, Taiwan has provided refugees with 350 prefabricated houses and medical assistance in the past. Ma also says he will request relative national security units to remain highly alert and take necessary measures.

Minister of the Interior: Taiwan has been trained well regarding anti-terrorism

CNA reports, Minister Chen Wei-zen says Taiwan has been trained well regarding anti-terrorism issues. The country absorbs international intelligence resources at all times and cooperates with the intelligences of other countries. Taiwan also strengthens training through domestic and foreign interaction, and doesn’t let its guard down at any time.

Executive of the special service command center at the National Security Bureau, Li Shu-han, says that the security programs designed for each presidential candidate will proceed as usual and the vehicles and equipment used for their security are the same.

Translated by Olivia Yang