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On November 23, the National Library launched the 2015 Taiwan Reading Festival and is going to introduce its new book-exchanging event where people can receive book with two receipts.

Liberty Times reports, according to the National Library, France was the first country to hold the Reading Festival. Since 1988, the country has been promoting the festival internationally, leading the UK, the US, Japan, Germany, Russia and other countries to hold similar large-scale reading festivals.

Three years ago, Taiwan also started to hold its first reading festival. The festival spread to more than 60 units around the island to initiate this grand carnival of reading in November and December each year.

National Educational Radio reports, Taiwan Reading Festival 2015 will be held on December 5 with 35 reading booths and a book exchanging area, which will be launched for the first time.

The director of the National Library, Zeng Shu-xian, says that if you collect ten stamps from the booths or donate two receipts issued between November and December, you can draw the lot or exchange for one book.

The reading festival also includes a donation campaign. So far, 300 items with a value of more than NT$ 1 million (approximately US$ 30,578) has been donated and will be fully used to purchase children’s books or sent to libraries in remote areas or elementary school libraries.

Awakening News reports, the festival will be held on December 5 on the sidewalks along Zhongshan South Road and will invite schools, libraries, publishers and writers to attend the event. More than 50 units with 35 reading booths will participate.

Huang Li-yue, director-general of the Department of the Lifelong Education under the Ministry of Education, says that the biggest problem in modern society is people have no time to read. Huang emphasizes now is the era of lifelong education and “reading is one of the essential factors that will make us winners near the end of our lives."

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang