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To many people, three meals a day is common, but have you heard “three square meals"? The origin of the phrase may come from the Royal Navy where meals were served on wooden square plates. In the past, hotels were also known to serve meals on square wood platters. There aren’t full evidence to support the above and some even mentioned that the origin of the phrase was formed when a person heard the phrase and created a plausible story to back it up. The term “square" can mean honest or proper, so a square meal means a proper and satisfying meal.

If it’s too late to begin today, starting tomorrow, let’s start eating three square meals to treat ourselves better!

Watch the video below and find out more about the phrase!

“Three square meals"

A square meal refers to a healthy or nutritious meal. It is normal to have three meals a day for many people and so having three square meals is important for a healthy diet.

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