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On November 18, James Soong (also known as Soong Chu-yu), People First Party (PFP) Chairman and presidential candidate announced his running mate for the upcoming presidential election. The person turned out to be Xu Xin-ying, chairwoman of Minkuotang who left the KMT earlier this year.

CNA reports, Soong says the reason he chose Xu is to form a coalition government and stop putting personal or partisan interests ahead of national interests. He wants to call an end to controversies among the parties and find back a mutual ideal. Soong says there are talents in every party, but they need to be integrated.

In the past 16 years, Taiwan has allowed the DPP and KMT to run the government, but they have disappointed the Taiwanese people. Now, Soong and Xu will cooperate to retrieve the self-confidence and pride of the Taiwanese. Soong says this is the true meaning of a coalition government.

Xu says Soong impresses people most with his ability to listen to people’s thoughts as well as deal with crisis. Regardless of the interior, defense or foreign affairs, as well as cross-strait relations, Soong is the only experienced person who can really run the country among the three presidential candidates. He is the one whom the Taiwanese people can trust.

Xu believes that if Soong becomes the president of ROC, he will lead the country to surpass Singapore and other countries, making the stock market rise. Xu says by that time, money in Taiwan would not only “flood the people’s feet,” but also people’s thighs. She says Soong will create a new Taiwan miracle and value of Taiwan. She will help him win the election and find a way out for both the ROC and Taiwan.

Xu was elected as legislator with over 171 thousand votes, becoming the legislator obtaining the most votes in the eighth legislative elections in Hsinchu County. She is also a former member of the KMT.

Storm Media reports, the Minkuotang has so far nominated 15 candidates in the regional legislative election. The majority of the candidates are new to the political field.

Translated by Vic Chiang
Edited by Olivia Yang