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You have probably have read a lot of Taiwanese coverage on the Ma-Xi meeting, but how did the China media report the event?

China’s official media, China News Service (CNS), issued a special report on its website saying this is the first time in 66 years the leaders of the two sides has shaken hands, which represents the most sincere embrace and closer relationship between China and Taiwan.

Apple Daily reports, WeChat, Weibo and other social media users are eager to participate in public discussion about the Ma-Xi meeting.

Some people have commented, “This shows the progress of history and the people." “We have waited 66 years for this 70-second-long handshake." “I shed tears when the scene appeared on the television screen."

Others describe the scene as,"touching, shocking" and say, “God bless the two sides. Go, China."

Other overseas media, including Ming Jing, report that the mainland official media, China Central Television (CCTV), was not broadcasting the Ma-Xi meeting live, but was delayed about 30 seconds compared with the Taiwanese media. The television station also did not broadcast President Xi’s calling President Ma, “respectable Mr. Ma."

China Times reports, Chinese media, People’s Daily, issued an article pointing out, “Now the 1992 consensus has gained recognition between the two sides and even internationally, if (the DPP) is not going to amend the cross-strait policy and maintain the status quo, it might fail eventually."

“The purpose of the Ma-Xi meeting is to define future cross-strait relations…the only key to the answer is simple, ‘the 1992 consensus.'"

Another Chinese official media, Xinhua News Agency, also commented, “Maintaining the “1992 consensus” and “opposing Taiwan’s independence” are the political basis for peaceful development in cross-strait relations. If not so, the peaceful development of this relationship will be severely influenced and will endanger the vital interests of compatriots of both sides."

Translated by June
Edited by Olivia Yang