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Ministry of National Defense published the 2015 National Defense Report today. According to the report, despite the fact that cross-strait relations have improved and the PRC claims to settle cross-strait issues through peaceful means, the PRC still continues to strengthen military forces against Taiwan, showing their ambition of claiming Taiwan has not changed. It is said that the PRC will be ready to annex Taiwan by 2020.

Liberty Times reports, the 13th National Defense Report issued by Ministry of National Defense is compiled based on the current domestic and international situations, security challenges and all governance.

The report notes that in recent years, the PRC army has changed its main battle equipment, allowed its Second Artillery to continue to deploy missiles pointing at Taiwan, and has upgraded the power of its long-range missile.

China Times reports, the report mentions in the past seven years, the total cost of Taiwan’s military weapon transactions with the US reached US$ 18.3 billion. This proves the solid mutual trust between Taiwan and the US.

On October 26, Ministry of National Defense spokesperson Luo Shao-he said that the National Defense Report this year references the total review of Taiwan’s national defense in 2013. It presents the current national defense situation and focuses on Taiwan’s strategic environment, defense policy, renovation of the island’s troops and other important affairs to win the people’s support.

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Edited by Olivia Yang