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Commissioner of New Taipei City fire department, Huang Der-ching, is dissatisfied that the event organizer of the Water Park Explosion, Lu Chung-chi, insinuates that he accepted tickets to the water park, and accused Lu and others of defamation on October 23.

CNA reports, the Shi-Lin District Prosecutors Office concluded the investigation on October 16 and Lu was charged for negligence that led to death and injury and offenses against public safety, but the other eight people involved, including Formosa Fun Coast Chairman Chen Po-ting, was not prosecuted due to lack of evidence.

On October 20, Lu, accompanied by a lawyer, said that he was the only one to take responsibility when the incident occurred and that the New Taipei City Government and Formosa Fun Coast made no response. The representative of Formosa Fun Coast said that they were just the “landlord” of the event. Lu said that he had recordings of his negotiation with Formosa Fun Coast and asks them not to lie. Lu even took out a “No-Suicide Statement” and said that he is an optimistic man who won’t commit suicide.

NOWnews reports, Lu held a press conference on October 22, arguing that the prosecutors had not gone after the New Taipei City Government and also criticized Eric Chu, KMT 2016 presidential candidate, of claiming that the government did not know anything in advance. Lu indicated that Chu was lying and shirking responsibility.

Apple Daily reports, Lu says that people have said that his words against the New Taipei City Government and Formosa Fun Coast are to put the blame on the two organizations. But Lu says he could not possibly benefit from his explanation and is even putting his life in danger, but he has held two press conferences to bring out the truth.

UDN reports, a self-help association formed after the explosion will release part of a call recording that shows the fire department accepted bribery from the water park.

Liberty Times reports, Huang says if he receives compensation from the civil appeal, it will be fully donated to the families of the victims.

Translated by Wen-yee Lee
Edited by Olivia Yang