Taiwan’s Teenage Jack Ma? 15-year-old Making NT$10m a Year

Taiwan’s Teenage Jack Ma? 15-year-old Making NT$10m a Year
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Translated and compiled by Shin-wei Chang

A Taiwanese teenager, who earned more than NT$10 million (approximately US$300,000) a year, has drawn awe from the public despite being fined for avoiding taxes.

CNA reports, the then 13-year-old opened a Facebook page “Yes buy it"  in 2014, selling cosmetics and 3C products, including bluetooth microphones and iPhone charger cases. Recently, he invited ten celebrities to be the spokespeople for his products.

The National Taxation Bureau of Kaohsiung says the teenager earned more than NT$10 million (approximately US$300,000) in 2014-2015. He was fined NT$750,000 (approximately US$23,000) for tax avoidance.

His father says, the teenager ran away from home and started his business after entering junior high school two years ago. The father used to worry about him because he skipped class and hung out with local troublemakers. After his son’s actions were reported in the media, the father said he was surprised at the amount of money his son earned.

Public in awe

On Ptt, the news received hundreds of recommendations and comments. Most of the netizens appear stunned at the teenager’s ability to earn money. Some call him “the next Alibaba" and “the God of business management," saying that they had never thought of earning money when they were in their teens.

Others left comments at his page “Yes buy it," encouraging him to develop his business and distinguish himself from the global market. As the news hits headlines, the page received more than 2,000 private massages.

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