Passport Sticker Rally on Inauguration Day?

Passport Sticker Rally on Inauguration Day?

The Taiwan Passport Sticker group is calling for a rally at president-elect Tsai Ing-wen’s inauguration on May 20.

On May 4, Taiwan Passport Sticker announced on its Facebook page that it hopes to show the DPP and international media the organization’s determination to have the cover of the Taiwan passport changed, and for the word, “China,” to be removed.

The organization has created a Facebook event, “Please give us a passport without ‘China’” (translated), with the description:

Requesting the DPP government to remove the word ‘China’ from both the cover and pages of the passport is necessary to becoming an independent country. Taiwanese need to state to the international community that Taiwan and China are two different political bodies, and taking ‘China’ off the passport is the most direct way the DPP government and achieve this. (translated)

Statistics from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that from the end of last year up to now, there have been over 50 cases of Taiwanese travelers, with unofficial stickers added to their passports, being refused entry into various countries; with three cases in Singapore, over 20 in Hong Kong and more than 30 in Macau.

The Bureau of Consular Affairs reiterates that passports are official documents and shouldn’t be used to express personal political stands. It asks people to not alter the appearance of passports in case of being refused entry into other countries.

Foreign Minister David Lin said last year that passport stickers are illegal, and the bureau once pointed out that the actions violate the Enforcement Rules of Passports that states, “Other than filling in relevant information and signatures, passport holders are not authorized to make any alterations to the passports." (translated)

However, Taiwan Passport Sticker says the stickers do not violate the law as long as they aren’t used on the pages of the passport and don’t affect the function of the chip.

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