Poll: Most Chinese Support Using Force to Unify with Taiwan

Poll: Most Chinese Support Using Force to Unify with Taiwan
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Compiled and translated by Shin-wei Chang

According to a recent online poll in China, 85% of Chinese support using force to unify with Taiwan. What is more, 60% support unification, even at the cost of waging a total war.

On April 25, state-owned Global Times and the Shanghai Academy of Social Science launched an online survey on the unification issue.

China Times reports, tens of thousands answered the questionnaire within a day. There were 25 questions, asking whether people support using force, what is the best timing for doing so, the scale of a possible war, whether the US would intervene in the war and what citizens would be willing to sacrifice to achieve unification.

It turned out that 96% of the participants recognize Taiwan as part of China. More than 60% support the unification at the cost of waging a total war – as opposed to a war being isolated to specific regions. 

Moreover, 39% would sacrifice their lives to reach unification.

In addition, 82% of respondents think the number of supporters for Taiwan’s independence will only increase in time, and nearly 60% of them say the best timing for carrying out the unification by force is within the next five years.

China Times reports 15,000 comments were posted about the survey, but both the survey and comments have been unavailable since yesterday.

Experts concerned with over-simplifiation in cross-strait relations

Guoshen Liu, a professor at the Taiwan Reseach Institute at Xiamen University, China, says cross-strait relations are extremely complicated, and it would be inappropriate to simplify the issue into simple questions. He points out that Taiwan has released multiple polls showing the support of Taiwan’s independence. However, he warns that such a mobilization of public opinion might further deteriorate cross-strait relations.

Yongjie Ni, deputy chair of the Shanghai Taiwan Institute, says the survey was conducted at a sensitive time, testing the trend of Chinese’s attitude towards cross-strait relations.

Wide discussions from Taiwanese netizens

On Ptt, the largest bulletin board system in Taiwan, more than 40 posts have been made in response to the news. A post generally receives around ten reply posts. Most of the people commenting appear to doubt whether the survey results are genuine, while others analyze the chance for victory if war begins.

Edited by Edward White

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