The event organizer responsible for the Formosa Water Park explosion last June has been sentenced to four years and ten months in jail by the Shilin District Court. The case can be appealed.

On June 27, 2015, Lu Chung-chi rented the swimming pool area in Formosa Fun Coast Water Park to hold a colored powder party that attracted over 4,000 people. The explosion occurred when powder was sprayed from the stage, leading to 15 dead and 499 injured.

Nine people were accused, but only Lu was prosecuted for negligence that led to death and injury and offenses against public safety. The members of the collegiate bench, who took into consideration that Lu admitted to the crime but failed to visit or compensate the victims, sentenced the event organizer for negligent homicide.

ETtoday reports, many families of the victims find it hard to accept the sentence, saying that Lu would be out on probation in two years.

A victim, Lan, said he/she hopes that the government can amend related laws so event organizers will pay more attention to preventing accidents regarding public safety in the future.

Families and government requesting compensation

Through the Legal Aid Foundation, 431 victims and families have asked for a total compensation of
NT$2.1 billion while the National Health Insurance Administration is asking for NT$436.33 million.

The foundation says compensation is calculated based on a number of factors including the nature of the injury and lost income.

Chang Wen-wen of the National Health Insurance Administration says that most of the medical costs were used for the early stages of treating the victims. Up until the end of last year, medical costs paid by health insurance have accumulated up to NT$737 million.

Apple Daily reports, there are still three victims being treated at National Taiwan University Hospital, but none of them are in critical condition.

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